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Frontend Engineer

Tech - Paris - Full-time

We believe in a world where all cars are shared. Carsharing empowers people to get going in a smarter, easier way, while also having a positive impact on the environment and making cities more liveable. It’s this vision that propels us forward and inspires us to think even bigger.

Since April 2019, Drivy is now part of Getaround. Together, we’re the world's leading carsharing
platform with a community of more than 5 million users sharing over 11,000 connected cars across 7 countries.

Our team is collaborative, positive, curious, and engaged. We think fast, work smart, laugh often, and are looking for like-minded people to join us in our mission to disrupt car ownership and make cities better.

Our Tech Stack

• ES2015 being migrated to TypeScript
• Preact and Redux
• Prettier, ESLint and Stylelint to prevent bugs and ensure consistency
• Webpack and Yarn
• Jest for automated tests
• An internal design system (named Cobalt)
• Continuous integration with Docker and CircleCI to push to production multiple times a day
Monitoring dashboards to keep track of performances (frontend included)

What Will You Be Working On At Drivy?

We are on a path to change the way people use cars in cities. We already have a lot of features used by our drivers and owners, but we need to accelerate on a few different domains, for instance:

• Develop and ship features to our owners and drivers
• Build new components for Cobalt, our design system, and define guidelines
• Coordinate with product managers and designers to figure out the best way to turn their work into code
• Transition from a Rails monolith JS-heavy pages relying on APIs
• Experiment with new ideas by hacking quick prototypes

... and of course all developers are part of the product discussions. We think that it is important for people to have an impact, so we organise ourselves in squads focused on a specific mission.

Skills & Experience We Are Looking For

• 3+ year of experience shipping and maintaining code in production
• Proficient in JavaScript (ES2015), HTML, CSS
• Experience with Preact, React or another rendering library
• Sensibility for UI and UX
• Good communication skills, works well within a team
• Able to communicate in English

Nice to have:

• Experience with TypeScript
• Experience with writing test (we use Jest)
• Sensible to accessibility best practices
• Sensible to UI and Design Systems

You will work in the best possible conditions, with:

• A great engineering team with experience
• Recent and powerful hardware
• The peace of mind of a large test suite and pull requests to stay sane and ship often
• An international team of great and passionate people
• A remote friendly culture, with some remote allowed for this position

...and we think you'll also appreciate this:

• Getting to learn from your peers and to share your knowledge on the blog and in our internal presentations every two weeks
• A ticket to one technical conference of your choice each year
• Offices in the center of Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona and San Francisco
• We often organise meetups in our office
• "Hack days" a few times in the year to experiment with new technologies and ideas

No need for a resume, but Linkedin, Twitter and Github usernames are appreciated!